Darren J. Manning is the Author of the AutoCAD Textbook "Project Based AutoCAD" A Real World Approach to Learning AutoCAD.


Project-Based AutoCAD uses actual projects from companies in the mechanical industry.


Project-Based AutoCAD is designed for secondary and post-secondary students who need more sophisticated, industry-based experience with design/drafting projects.


 Project-Based AutoCAD is designed for use within the engineering & design fields. This text book provides the perfect tool for company training programs.


Project-Based AutoCAD users gain experience using AutoCAD software to solve real-world projects.  Users will complete eight sets of drawings.  Two sets for each of the 4 projects.


 Project-Based AutoCAD users will have their completed project drawings, plus parallel “portfolio projects”, using the skills and techniques taught in each project for portfolio use.


 Project-Based AutoCAD is published by the Glencoe Division of McGraw-Hill